M.I.N.D is a London based progressive metal band, formed by the lead guitarist Andreia Gomez. In early 2009 she finished recording a demo of original compositions and set out to form the band. With influences from 70’s prog, world music, film scores, fusion and metal, the result was an aggressive yet melodic sound. Exploring rhythmic and melodic concepts and using advanced instrumental techniques whilst keeping an element of simplicity, is characteristic of M.I.N.D’s music.


After some line up changes and issues with interested labels and producers, the band finally setteled and took some time out to revamp the old material and write some new one. M.I.N.D is now self producing a debut album, each song will be released independently in the course of 2014/15. The concept of the band is the human mind and the nature of conscious awareness. This is expressed not only through the music and lyrics, but themed artwork and video productions incorporated in their live shows.

Designed by M.I.N.D (Andreia Gomez), copyright M.I.N.D 2014